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The solution came in 1870, when the imperial government started to put in charge expenses to them it transports immigrant them that they would have to serve to the coffee farming. Others, to the farmer fit to cover the expenses of the immigrant during its first year of activity, that is, in the stage of maturation of its work. Also it had to place to its disposal lands where it could cultivate the sorts of first necessity for maintenance of the family. Of this form the immigrant had its expenses of paid transport and installation and wise person the one that if to abide with respect by its future income. This set of measures became possible to promote for the first time in America a voluminous chain immigratory of European origin destined to work in great agricultural plantations.

(STOLEN, 2002, P. 127) What it fortified more process of immigration, was that at the same time where evolua favorably the problem of Brazil, processed it unification politics of Italy, with great consequences for the peninsula. The south part had minor development degree and lower productivity, finding difficulties to face the competition of the regions north, thus, the migratory solution appeared as true valve of I alliviate. They were, therefore, launched the bases for formation of the great immigratory chain that would become possible the expansion of the coffee production in the State of So Paulo. The number of European immigrants who enter in this State goes up of 13 a thousand, in the Seventies, for 184 a thousand – quarter of the century was of 803 a thousand, being 577 a thousand proceeding ones from Italy. It is important to remember this immigration, after all currently we have thousand of Brazilians with descent European. Either Italian, German, or any another one, the fact is that they had been formed from this event.

Tiago Cabral Pupils

Atamar Donizete de Oliveira, who started with forty and two (42) divided pupils of first the fourth series in two turns with multiseriadas rooms. With the o to pass of some years more pupils had been arriving and in 1992 the City department of Education sent the teacher Maria Of the Gloria It hisses, in which it lecionou some months in the communitarian hall because the school counted only on a classroom, in this exactly year constructed to the second room, constructed in the mandate of Former-mayor Luiz Blessed Joel De Oliveira (1989/1992). In the period of 1993 with one hundred and five (105) pupils it was initiated fifth series, constructed plus a classroom and had as professors Atamar Donizete De Oliveira, Maria Of the Gloria Silva and Edmundo Alves Marquezam, started to count on a pertaining to school transport in the High direction Aguape to the Cardoso Village. The former-mayor Mr. Donizete Tiago Cabral (1993-1996) carried through varies workmanships as reform and magnifying of the school constructing three classrooms, secretariat, room of professors, cooks, dismissal, acimentao of the patio and construction of the wall, thus offering bigger security. At this time he counted on eight professors, a merendeira/faxineira, a guard, two buses and two pickup.trucks in which he carried the pupils. Everaldo Loyal Cardoso (1997-2000) the former-mayor in its mandate constructed two classrooms and in the year of 1999 it contracted five qualified professors to give have supported to education, a faxineira and a guard perfazendo the total of ten professors, a secretary, a merendeira, a faxineira, a guard and one watches. In 2001 the municipal mayor Mr.

Jose Serafim Borges (2001-2004) remodelled and extended or pertaining to school building constructing three classrooms, canteen, refectory, bathrooms and squares of sports discovered. He extended the pertaining to school transport for seven (07) bus, invested in the quality of the water and merenda. In the year of 2004 mayor Jose Serafim Borges (2005-2008) if reelected for, but four in the ones of mandate. In the year of 2007 the pertaining to school unit ' ' THEODORO JOSE DUARTE' ' it passed for a reform, it changed the roof of the four first classrooms, painted the building all and this constructing one squares of sports covered. In 2008 Mayor Municipal Donizete Tiago Cabral in its management constructed a new pavilion contends three classrooms and a room of professors with masculine and feminine bathroom, being that the room of the professors was constructed in set with the deliberative body. In 2009 the Mayor was installed Martins municipal theatre Days De Oliveira, currently school is composed in thirty and nine (39) employees being: one (01) managing, two (02) coordinating one, two (02) public agent, fourteen (14) professors (10 formed and 04 academics), one (01) watches, one (01) keeps, eleven (11) terceirizados drivers being four of transport, two (02) faxineiras ones, five (05) merendeiras ones and takes care of to a clientele of three hundred and seven (307) pupils of the first degree, and functions in this building an extension of the State School ' ' 13 Of Maio' ' five degree as rooms, taking care of one hundred and twenty pupils (120) pupils. Perfazendo a clientele of four hundred and twenty and seven (427) pupils taken care of in this educational establishment.