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Athletical Paranaense Side River

The International x Athletical Paranaense Side River, 1970, for the Goblet of Silver, end 4×1 for the Colorado. Rosildo Portela, from the Guairac Radio, receives atleticanos directors in the cabin and, of coasts for the game, it announces to the listeners the illustrious visit. He was when White Pablo, who answered for the planto of the radio, informs: – Attention, Portela; goal. – Goal where, my expensive White Pablo – There in Porto Alegre, Dorval for the Athletical one. As it was distracted with the visitors and it did not have twisted rubro-black in the stadium to hear the commemoration, Rosildo nor perceived the goal.

But it did not lose the pose and it told exactly behind. Source: EMED, op. cit., P. 58. Select x Bandeirante Union When the broadcaster who made the esportivo planto asked for resignation, the Radio Paranaense Club contracted an inexperienced speaker of beautiful voice, but that it did not understand of soccer. Its estria occurred in a round where the radio would transmit a Atletiba while, in Paranagu, they would play the Select one against the Bandeirante Union.

It had a great expectation, created for the proper narrator of the game, that announced the all moment the imminent entrance of the new plantonista. It was when will vozeiro one heard it calling: ‘ ‘ Airton! ‘ ‘ the narrator, fulling the ball of the novice: – It is the estria of the new planto of the Radio Club, Carlos Marassi, the revelation that came of far, armed of this powerful voice that will much more far go still for the waves of the Radio Club. It informs, Marassi! It must have been the emotion: – In Select: Paranagu 1, Union 0. Source: BUCHMANN, Ernani. The tip wood leg. Curitiba: ed. of the author, 2005. P. 25-6. Bulgaria x Sweden Pantry of the World of 1974, Galvo Bueno told broken from a monitor (‘ ‘ off-tube’ ‘). Informed of that Bulgaria x Sweden would tell, announced the escalaes and informed the viewers who the teams of white was Bulgaria and of yellow, Sweden. Already after some time of ball rolling, the German TV of the one close in placar: Eastern Germany 0x0 Australia, with the same colors. It has coincidence After a constrangedor silence, Galvo continued the narration with the names all duly corrected, as nothing it had been happened.