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The Persons

Every day I have more need to learn more about perennial philosophy, holistic education and many themes that I found very important abound on the content, in my free time which actually are few I return some readings that help me to better understand this new educational paradigm. When I count my childhood I see things differently, as if it were another movie where changes the emotions, there is no resentment nor pain, everything is transformed in gratitude, love and understanding. What previously looked like pain now I realize that only were opportunities to grow. Also is changing my way of seeing and living my religion, I now have a God compassionate, kindly, that lives inside me. I thank God and life, everything that I lived and what I am now, because it is the result of the different experiences that life has left me in the course of each stage of my existence. I do not know piousness her intention to the persons who direct our Church wanting to frighten us and subjecting us to certain beliefs, perhaps to have control of our lives, but they have forgotten the basic purpose for which Christ became man, and as he says the truth will make us free. Does a case this is what our church leaders fear?, what fear you?, what hide?, what are afraid that we learn? Why hide the true essence of our religion? Currently continuing with the same religion and safe I agree that it is the true way to find the fullness of our lives, but now I do not believe all what you say, I confronto some priests, who end up giving me the reason, and to extent of my possibilities trying to find a more accurate answer on the mission that God has for each of us. THE RICHNESS of various meetings HOLISTAS each book, each reading help me identify me more my real search, and I realize account I’m in you right path, each of the sessions witnessed them MSN, have been of great richness to my spirit and in addition to providing new knowledge. .

Complete MLM Business

On this occasion I want to recommend a MLM that just launched on October 20 of this year (2009) called; Global Virtual opportunity (GVO). The truth is that I didn’t intended to enter some other MLM business, thought to concentrate on those who already developed, but when I learned of this business, is me hiso a very complete MLM, you could say that perfect for me, and I could not let it go. This business I liked so much by 3 very important things: 1: solid company: its creator is a very recognized Networker that takes time offering virtual services of quality, in fact GVO already existed, had the name of KIOSK, only that before not offered the opportunity of MLM business that offers now, in addition to some new tools have been added to the package. 2: Products and services of quality and high demand: GVO offers great quality tools and that any person that develop businesses on the internet, or you want to develop them, needs, and as this package brings the included business opportunity, tools will be very useful for all the that is a. The tools that GVO gives you are: unlimited hosting service.

Autoresponder unlimited. Conference room. Creator of videos and hosting. Tool for monitoring web sites. Among other tools, in addition to training so that you can develop the business in the best way. If you would like to hire every thing of this Pack separately, you you spend more than $ 100 per month, but GVO offers to just 44 $ per month, and also offers you the opportunity to not only of self-finance your account, but create an excellent extra income that can increase to more than $ 4500 per month. 3: Plan of compensation: the compensation plan consists of a matrix forced of 2 10, which moves faster than other types of matrices, since every single Member has to affiliate with 2 people and help direct affiliates who join 2 people also, and if someone already has its direct 2, can follow affiliating to help their downlines and gain excellent bonuses.


Girls I already identified by the activities of relaxation, meditation, yoga, messages of reflection, and the accompaniment that until today I have provided in search of his true nature. Concepts like spirituality are spoken with great naturalness in classes as well as other concepts of holistic education. In festivals when they imitate the masters, to my me always represented with the super teacher who guides them in search of their inner; I and that a. personally I like very much, because it gives me elements to realize how students see my work. Holistic education me has allowed be better humans, better master, feel more secure, and at the same time develop in all areas of my life.

I am convinced that a genuine holistic education recognizes and includes the spiritual aspect of human life. My purpose, as teacher is to describe a perspective from which words holistic, spiritual, a teacher can be redefined and United again without contradiction or confusion but is important for the inner life of each one. Education, to be holistic, must have an awareness of meaning of the life beyond the subject of the matter of the curriculum and beyond the immediate circumstances of poverty, ethnic issues, and even disability. In the broad holistic perspective, we always find the spiritual in humans. At this age of my life I realize aesthetics in nature and music have given me a spiritual basis for life can we expect in adapting education to the spiritual inner life of the child, can we expect to educate to a child, since his inner child’s spiritual life cannot be enabled by lessons or language. This part of the child is private and personal. This is the only place where the full range of the individual difference of one can be fully accepted. For the inner life of one is aesthetics, the (symbolic) sacred representation of the nature itself.

Buttock Exercises

Today we have a spectacular exercise to strengthen your legs in its entirety, provide more flexibility and very important for women gives way and lifts the buttocks. It is normally called lunge or urinals to one leg, the name of thrust is most applicable therefore really mimics perfectly that movement of fencing. Whereas this movement we see that it implies a deep work of quadriceps, adductor, stretch and participation in booting from the lowest position of the buttocks. As we see the influence it is total in the lower extremities, it produces an overall strengthening ideal to complement various sports such as football, rugby, volleyball, speed, is an infinite list of applications that has this good exercise. * Ponte de pie, takes a broad step forward, looking for the principle that the front knee is at an angle of 90 degrees, take the air time to go forward and eject it to make the effort to return to the starting point.

* Applying force to the forward leg returns to the initial position. Now it comes to be done with the opposite leg. ** You can perform on the inverted form, i.e., instead of going forward, do it backwards, here the effort is more demanding, since falls perpendicularly the body weight on the leg that is support until the Envoy back pose on the floor. There are various forms of the same exercise and this is achieved in different working angle affect the muscle group of the legs. Modes, are on the side, with platform behind. later, climbing a step, in the course of the articles we will show the different variations of this wonderful exercise.

National Museum

Perhaps because it is located in the heart of the Savannah and at the foot of Mount Megaliesberg. Its main economic engine are the extraction of Platinum mines. In fact Rustenburg is the World’s leading producer of this mineral. The Spanish team already played a match against South Africa in his Royal Bafokeng Stadium during the 2009 FIFA Confederations Cup. Once used for Rugby Union competitions. And it has been renovated for the World Cup. It has expanded its capacity to 3,000 seats, and installed giant screens and more lighting.

Bafokeng is the name of the tribe of the area. Polokwane to 60 km to the South of the Tropic of Capricorn, Polokwane is located in the land of the giant Baobab trees and represents the main economic and cultural center of the Limpopo. Dominated by a tropical climate, it is distinguished by its landscapes, endless meadows and towering mountains. It is surrounded by Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mozambique. Your Makapan cave preserved fossil remains of the stone age. The Peter Mokaba Stadium emulates the silhouette of a Baobab and has been modernised on the occasion of the World Cup.

Nelspruit the perfect location to enjoy a safari. To the northeast of South Africa, on a high plateau of 660 meters above the level of the sea, the city of Nelspruit is It lies a few kilomentros of the National Park of Kruger, the most famous of all Africa. It is also the capital of the province of Mpumalaga, which means place where the sun rises in Siswati, one of the eleven official languages of Africa. The Mbombela stadium is very original. The pillars are shaped of Giraffe and chairs creating a surprising effect stripes. Pretoria is the administrative capital of South Africa and one of the leading cities in academic terms. It has the best African continent universidadesdel. At 50 km away from Johannesburg, Pretoria mixes old and new, and in her embrace contemporary art with historical monuments. Their Loftus Versfeld stadium is one of the oldest in the country. With capacity for 50,000 people, it hosted the Rugby World Cup in 1995. Port Elisabeth surrounded by impressive beaches, and numerous buildings of Victorian architecture, port Elisabeth is an attractive tourist destination. It is named after the wife of Governor Rufan Donkin. Its colonial atmosphere to catch the most nostalgic. In his Stadium Nelson Mandela Bay, on the shores of the North End Lake, will vie for eight parties, including the third and fourth place match. Bloemfontein is the judicial and administrative capital of South Africa, and is located in the heart of the country. It is known as the city of roses due to the beauty of its gardens and parks. The lovers of archaeology visit its National Museum of South Africa, with one of the largest collections of fossils and archaeological finds in the country. The citizens of this region are considered the more keen for South Africa and will be the guarantee of good humor in matches that will be played at the Free State Stadium in Bloemfontein.